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Why choose local Releaf cbd

CBD from hemp is not regulated.

At Local ReLeaf we set strict guidelines for our products. We set the bar using organic quality ingredients with no fillers,  preservatives or added sugar.    Our formulas are created in an FDA approved lab.   Every single batch is  third party tested for potency and safety and  to verify that it is under the legal limit of THC.  Our COA is available to all customers upon request. 

Often CBD oils are full of toxins. 

Many brands use hemp grown from outside the United States. Some of this hemp is grown for soil remediation. Hemp is a bioaccumulator. This means that a field of hemp can clean the soil of chemicals. Those toxins are pulled from the soil into the plant. Great for the Earth, not great for the  CBD made from that plant.  Local Releaf  CBD is made from organically derived, non-gmo, American grown hemp. It is available in broad spectrum (a whole plant product with only the THC removed) and full spectrum (whole plant product with less than .3% THC). 

Many CBD companies use inferior carrier oils. 

 Our CBD is blended with organic Pumpkin Seed Oil.  PSO has its own benefits.  PSO is high in omega fatty acids which makes it an excellent carrier for CBD, because it is fat soluble.   

Quality CBD is very expensive.

I wanted my product to be affordable. My husband, son, mom, dogs and I all take daily CBD. I know how expensive it can be and one of my goals in creating my own product was for it to be affordable. 



CBD (Cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid.  Its one of hundreds of beneficial compounds found in hemp plants. Each have their own effect and benefit, but cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and THC work synergistically. Meaning, the compounds work better together to support the body and help it to achieve balance.  Cannabinoids are fat soluble and are best used by the body when combined with an oil.  Both of our formulas are blended with an organic pumpkin seed oil for maximum efficacy and bioavailability. 


Broad Spectrum refers to a hemp extract that contains all cannabinoids except THC.  Our Balance Black Label broad spectrum formula contains a full cannabinoid profile   with ZERO THC.   Lab results available upon request. 

Full Spectrum refers to a more diverse plant profile. Our Balance White Label full spectrum formula is a complete representation of the whole plant. It contains all the therapeutic cannabinoids found in hemp including less than .3% THC.  (the legal limit) This is not enough to get you “high”, but just enough to experience the full benefits.  

Curious if the THC in our full spectrum CBD will show up on a drug test? It’s highly (no pun intended) unlikely. But if you are concerned we recommend our Broad Spectrum formula,  it has zero thc.